Textile Frames

Stand out, but on your own terms.

A presentation system with a super sleek shape for wall and ceiling or free in the room. Our textile frames are undoubtedly a unique product. Not only because of the shape, but especially because of the very high print quality in which no concessions are made. Our full color decotex ECO sublimation prints have a photographic quality with exceptionally beautiful contrast and color saturation. It is not only a way for effective promotion, but also a conscious business decision that supports durability and quality. With these advantages, textile advertising frames are an indispensable and eco-friendly promotional tool, customized for you.

Textile Frames

Trade shows, conferences, offices, apartment walls….

…our textile frames are a hit everywhere. Because of their unique and individual character, these types of presentation systems are a great visual addition to any space that contributes to the experience of your brand. In the form of wall or ceiling frames, these eye-catchers can be used to reinforce the image. A nice bonus is that it also contributes to better acoustics in the rooms, due to the use and properties of the decotex fabric on which the print is printed.

These advertising frames are a popular way of advertising and or beautifying the interior. The textile frames are also used as backgrounds for video conferences with a special image or as a green screen application.

You can decide whether the textile frame will be freestanding or hanging. Provided with an image on one or two sides. Unlit or illuminated with LED lighting of the highest quality. Thanks to automated production, we can produce most of our frames in any size. An undisputed advantage is the ability to change the images super easily without tools.

Our extensive range also includes freestanding systems for quick promotional campaigns. To be assembled without tools, packed in convenient transport bags, these are included in the price of the products. The advertising effect and appearance is much better than traditional roll-ups. Surprise your audience and target group and stand out from your competition.