Delivery specifications

Resolution: 120 ppi - scale 1:1

File format: PDF

Color: CMYK - Coated FOGRA39

Print file requirements.

- flat file (no layers)
- no printer marks
- no excess pressure
- no bleed area
- Do not change the size of the template
- convert fonts to letter outlines
- Suggested black backlight color parameters: C40 M40 Y20 K100


Remove the red and blue lines before saving the files. If you leave the line in your file are, it is printed as a design element! To correctly display your design give, all major elements must be within the protective area which is marked with a red line. Background and images must cover the entire printable fill area marked with a blue line. Attention!!! If there is no fill between the red and blue lines, a white frame appears on the printout.


The templates for designing your print files can be found on the product pages. Download the template of your ordered product. The first page contains the summary and explanation of the print requirements. The succeeding page(s) of the pdf document, is the in scale 1:1 template(s) in which you create your graphic design. If there is more than one, prepare the projects in separate files. If there is no template available for the product you want to order, please contact us at or +31(0)85 0280 380. This, of course, also applies to any questions and comments you may have about formatting print files.

Additional Comments:

-Print area

-Protection Area
(place elements within this that you don’t address
want to have, such as logos or text). Texts, logos and parts outside the bleed(red line) do not appear on the image. Setting and design errors are at your own risk.

Do not forget to remove all lines from the project.