Design Service

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Don’t have a design of your own?

Don’t have a design and want to use the design service for your ordered product(s)

No problem! Meet our design service.
We make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Our graphic designers are ready to help you create a composition that suits your needs and image. Continuing to strengthen your brand is always our goal.

We have set up a design menu for easy selection. An appropriate design result for every purpose.

Design menu

  • 1 star design, then you choose a basic design.

A basic design in your brand’s corporate identity. Made up of logo, slogan and or bullet points

  • 2 stars design, then you choose a medium design.

A modal design in your brand’s corporate identity. Made up of logo, slogan and or bullet points aanfilled with imagery and formatted with graphic effects.

  • 3 star design, then you choose a complex design.

A complex design in your brand’s corporate identity. Made up of logo, slogan and or bullet points aanfilled with imagery, freestanding images and formatted with graphic effects.

Please read in advance the additional description for what you need to supply!

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Design Service
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An appropriate design for each side.

If the front and back of your ordered product should have exactly the same expression choose equal design. Otherwise, choose different design. For example, if the front and back design are different, the back can be chosen in a 1 star design and the front 3 stars design.

If you order multiple items of the same product and the designs are different, you can add additional design service for each product. You then choose an additional design service per product for the front and back With each side having the desired onwer service. Then also provide a sketch and explanation of your requirements for each product.

What should I supply?

To use the design service, please upload the required images that match the type of design service you have chosen. Consisting of the logo and or brandbook, any images and or text with accompanying outline and explanation.

You can easily make an outline on paper, take a picture of it and attach it to your submitted files.

Will I get a proof of the design?

Our design team will get to work for you and you will soon receive by email the production file proof for review. Upon agreement, production begins. It is important that you review the printing proof in time to keep the delivery time as short as possible.

For questions and comments, we can be reached at +31 85 0280 380 or via email

We are happy to help!


Communication Partners

Advertising your business

With Communication Partners, you're not just dealing with any communication agency. We are creative thinkers from the very first moment you contact us. We instinctively sense what you mean, whatever your request for advertising material. Going the extra mile for you is what we do. A little extra attention that makes all the difference. We want to stand out, but not too loud. Common wish of our clients when they give the go-ahead to Communication Partners. Understandable, because you want to advertise with a feel-good touch. Make people smile, trigger and then convince them to walk up to your brand. That's where communication and connecting come together. Actually, it's like networking, you connect and get interested in someone's story or experience. When creating communication, it works exactly the same way. We really enjoy talking to customers about that, sharing experiences and then creating an experience. That people not only see your brand, but also feel a connection with it. That is what we are good at.


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