Outdoor advertising

Attract attention outdoors: Shine with our eye-catching advertising tents, flags, furniture, columns and arches!

Discover our eye-catching outdoor branding materials at EventShop! We offer a wide range of marketing materials that are sure to attract attention, all at affordable prices.

Why choose our outdoor advertising products?

Overcomplete range: Whether you need tents, flags, columns or gates, we have what you are looking for.
Affordable Price: Top quality at competitive prices.
Fully personalised: Customise the materials to your brand for maximum impact.

Leave a lasting impression at any event with our unique tents, columns and gates. Discover now how you can shine with our personalised materials from the EventShop!

Outdoor advertising

Shine with your outdoor advertising at events – Discover our advertising tents!

Looking for effective outdoor advertising? Our advertising tents are the perfect choice. Not only do they attract potential customers to your stand, but they also provide a comfortable workplace during events. Our tents are made of waterproof material, so rain will not interrupt your promotional activities. Choose our fast tents, such as the versatile adTent Express – ideal for various events. For special tasks and powerful outdoor advertising, we recommend the adTent Express Pro. With a reinforced structure that can support up to 100 kg, this tent can withstand strong winds and is perfect for presenting products or other advertising elements under the canopy. Make your outdoor advertising eye-catching and effective with our advertising tents!

Discover our innovative inflatable tents for eye-catching outdoor advertising!

Looking for impressive forms of outdoor advertising? Our modern inflatable tents are the perfect choice! The adTent V, with its unique and eye-catching design, is designed to appeal to a wide audience and create a premium brand image. With a dome shape that stands out from traditional market solutions, this advertising tent really stands out.

Also in our range is the adTent Air Premium, a constant pressure inflatable tent that withstands all weather conditions and makes a powerful statement as outdoor advertising.

For convenience, we also offer lightweight and easy to pitch tents, such as the adTent Vario. This tent can be quickly set up without tools by simply twisting the aluminium parts together with the fasteners provided. Make your outdoor promotion eye-catching and effortless with our innovative inflatable tents!

Strategic outdoor advertising with inflatable arches at sporting events and festivals

Inflatable arches are the trend in outdoor advertising, especially at sports events and festivals. Place them at the finish line for maximum visibility and attract the attention of participants and spectators. With customised prints, you strengthen the impact of your company logo and build a positive brand image. These versatile arches are not only suitable for sports competitions; they are also perfect for festivals and events in large spaces. Mark entrances, improve navigation and promote smooth participant flow with our eye-catching inflatable arches!

Wave advertising flags and banners!

Flags and banners are essential for eye-catching outdoor advertising. They are a proven method that works perfectly at various locations such as shopping centres, car dealerships, festivals, concerts and sports events. With our flags, you attract attention from afar. Want to reach a mass audience? Then flags are the ideal choice! Choose from our range in various sizes to present your stand at its best and grab attention!

Strong spotlight with advertising columns!

When organising an outdoor event, also think about advertising columns! These powerful elements are ideal for marking specific areas. Use them to mark important areas, such as participant registration or a food park. With our personalised prints on advertising pillars, your outdoor advertising becomes even more powerful and memorable!

Sparkling outdoor advertising with EventShop: from counters to modern signs and cosy outdoor furniture!

EventShop offers a versatile range for effective outdoor advertising at festivals, concerts and competitions. From counters to loungers, modern billboards to cosy outdoor furniture, each product is designed to put your brand in the spotlight. With inflatable counters for meeting areas, loungers with prints, illuminated LED A-boards and comfortable poufs and seats, EventShop has everything you need to make your outdoor advertising powerful and eye-catching. Discover our products and boost your outdoor promotion with EventShop’s unique and effective solutions!