Masters of creating catchy advertising

Companies in the bustling business district between Rotterdam and The Hague want to stand out. They distinguish themselves with catchy advertising campaigns and a stylish logo on the facade. You immediately see the power of Communication Partners, because these are our clients. As the most reputable advertising agency in the region, we help companies build a strong brand. As one of our clients once said: you are masters at creating catchy advertising.

Promotion for companies with spirit

There is a constant energy within the walls of Communication Partners that contributes to creative and original ideas. Design is the foundation, but the materials you choose for a particular expression is just as important. We work with responsible materials for sustainable advertising campaigns. We don’t want to exaggerate that, but rather emphasize it when customers order communication tools from us. In addition to working with talented designers, as marketers and strategists we are an extension of the organizations we deliver to. By getting an extremely good sense of what an entrepreneur wants, we achieve a true collaboration. The energy that comes from that is reflected in the results. Through this effective method, we take promotion to the next level for companies with spunk, but at an attractive price.

Meesters in het creëren van pakkende reclame

Affordable concept for marketing and events

Important value within Communication Partners is that we offer an affordable concept for marketing and events. Catchy advertising, original and cleverly made, reusable and therefore sustainable. Everyone knows that you can get more sales with promotion. Be more visible to customers and appear professional by exuding the right quality. This is exactly what we as marketing experts focus on.

Just put a logo on a business building? No, we show options, different materials, different price ranges, facade advertising with LED lighting or without. Only then can we be sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase and happy to return to us.

Indoor and outdoor advertising

Another important point is unity in the look of your business. That starts with a sleek corporate identity. You may be in need of a new logo, just a little hipper or in a different color scheme. We provide that too with creative design. Having your corporate identity in order once means that you have defined your identity, you are proud of it and want to extend your logo to all kinds of other expressions.

Façade advertising, lettering on cars or company buses, an exhibition stand or a logo pillar at the entrance to your business premises. Just some ideas we are working on every day. And the great thing is, we can make your corporate identity a whole. This can also be done in parts, by doing an extension every quarter or every six months in your indoor and outdoor advertising. Just what you need.

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Communicatiecampage promotionals logobedrukking

Strengthening your brand

Does your company’s image match the goals you have as an entrepreneur? This is a question we often ask our clients. Throwing everything on the shovel really doesn’t have to be done, but of course it can be done. Yet we often see that a small change in a company’s appearance can give just that positive push. Customers are surprised, you give away a fun gadget or you’re at an event beaming with a cool trade show booth. Does that taste like more?

Then we will work with you to see what additional marketing and communication tools we can use. Your image defines the identity; you want to exude confidence and professionalism at any time. A perfectly coordinated corporate identity inside and outside your company gives peace of mind and radiates security. Continuing to strengthen your brand is always our advice.

Event shop and promoshop with real people

We proudly refer our clients to the event shop linked to Communication Partners’ complete range of products. In the event shop, you’ll find awesome items such as trade show systems, promo stands and retail branding. The promo shop is packed with promotional items, giveaways and corporate apparel with logo printing. Thanks to a clear webshop with endless promo and event items, we offer just a little bit more.

How we do that? Our added value lies in “real people” with whom you have personal contact. Companies prefer to choose to order advertising materials online, and we can do that without stress. Because, we know from experience that companies only order the right promotional materials with the right advice. If you have a question about a product from our event shop or promoshop you can always give us a call. Together we are sure to come up with a solution and you can trust that your order will be designed and made to perfection.

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Connecting is key

‘Stand out we want, but not too shouty.’ Common wish of our clients when they give the go-ahead to Communication Partners. Understandable, because you want to advertise with a feel-good touch. Make people smile, trigger and then convince them to walk up to your brand. That’s where communication and connecting come together. Actually, it is like networking, you make contact and become interested in someone’s story or experience. In making communication, it works exactly the same way.

We really enjoy talking to customers about that, sharing experiences and then creating an experience. That people not only see your brand, but feel a connection with it. We are good at that.

Magical creations with Adsystems

Are you and your company ever at a trade show, outdoor event or business meeting? Then you should be able to count on a professional appearance with a display, banner or presentation wall. Communication Partners is an official dealer of Adsystems and that’s what really makes people happy. Nothing is standard and everything exudes pure class and hipness. At least, that’s what we think as advertising professionals, and we’ve been able to compare quite a few suppliers of promotional and advertising materials.

Adsystems is different, almost unique in their ideas and elaboration. Want something really different for your event or trade show participation? Then be sure to visit our Experience Center near Rotterdam. You can see for yourself what expressions are possible, LED lit and flexible in use. From rollup banners to a complete trade show booth, you can count on magical creations with our Adsystems products. Intense promotional tools, colorful and sometimes even a little futuristic.


‘Great what you guys make, everyone was impressed!’ Wonderful of course when we as an advertising agency get this kind of feedback. Moreover, it instills confidence in companies’ cooperation with Communication Partners. That “partners” wasn’t coined at random; we like to be full-service and prove ourselves an extension of your organization. We see everything as a collaboration, we love a nice chat with a nice cup of coffee.

In our Experience Center in Berkel en Rodenrijs, we have many examples of promotional and event materials on display. In fact, anything is possible, but one thing is certain when you choose Communication Partners. You will be impressed with our power and creative approach to your event or campaign.


‘Finally, this. Are your products sustainable? Companies are setting higher standards when it comes to responsible purchasing and use of materials. Needless to say, Communication Partners takes this into account. By sustainable, we mean that our products are largely reusable by replacing only textile or plastic cloths, for example, and not the entire wall. Both textiles and plastic or PVC can be recycled.

If you order event materials from Communication Partners, they will be made in Europe or even in Berkel en Rodenrijs, because we also make a lot in-house. That makes us a flexible advertising agency that can move quickly and always think with you, down to the smallest detail.

Do you dare? Make an appointment and experience your experience at Communication Partners.