LED Frames – really stand out!

Why are LED-Frames a good choice?

An LED Frame made of aluminum or recycled plastic profiles is a special product. It attracts attention regardless of the time of day and where it is located. We offer different types of frames at attractive prices. Whether it is a free-standing lightbox with double-sided printing, or if you need wall-mounted advertising we have both.

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Our LED frames are unbeatable advertising structures. All elements are customized to the type and size of the product. Thus, we approach each order individually and you get a fully personalized product, tailored to your own needs and capabilities. In addition, we design the Lightboxes so that they can be easily disassembled and installed elsewhere. So you have a universal, portable product.

Each of our LED frames has a print made on a special polyester Decotex fabric, printed full color with eco-sublimation technology. It has a soft matte surface for razor-sharp reproduction and unmatched color saturation. The fabric is contoured with an elastic silicone band, making the decotex print easy to mount or replace.

We are able to make frames in various sizes – including those that are less standard. Larger models are equipped with special brackets and reinforcements that strengthen the structure. We also have experience with less typical structures. Are you interested? Then be sure to contact us!