Accessories advertising flags

Here you will find all accessories for our advertising flags!

Why choose our Flag Accessories?
Complete range and convenience: You can find all your Outdoor advertising materials here and you don’t have to go to another store for the accessories. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to prepare for your event faster and more efficiently!
Quality and lifespan: With us you can be sure that you are choosing quality. Our accessories have been carefully selected to ensure the best performance, meaning your products are better protected and last longer.
Various applications: Our accessories are universal, so you can use our base plates for any type of flag, so you don’t have to keep purchasing new ones.

Discover our extensive range of Flag Accessories and prepare for a successful presentation!

Accessories advertising flags

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Discover the Flag Accessories for our Advertising Flags!

Ground pins

For installation in the ground you need a metal ground spike:

  • adFlag Spike

Rotary plugs

For installation in sand you need a rotary plug:

  • adFlag Rotary Plug

Base plates

For placement on flat surfaces, indoors or outdoors, you need a black metal base plate. These come in various weights, depending on the size of the flag:

  • adFlag Plate Light Aluminium
  • adFlag Plate Light Fiberglass
  • adFlag Plate Heavy Aluminium
  • adFlag Plate Heavy Fiberglass

Cross and scissor bases

For placement on flat surfaces without wind, you need the cross or scissor base. This is therefore mainly suitable for indoor use. Do you still want to use the cross or scissor base outside? Then it can be weighed down with a water bag:

  • adFlag Cross Base
  • adFlag Scissor Base
  • adFlag Water bag

Parasol bases

The parasol base is ideal for placement on a surface with a lot of wind. The parasol base can be filled with water or sand to weigh it down, so that your flag remains upright even in strong winds:

  • adFlag Parasol Base
  • adFlag Parasol Base Concrete
  • adFlag Parasol Base Deluxe

Wall holders

To attach to a wall or building, you will need a wall holder:

  • adFlag Wall Holder

Car bases

For installation on a car, for example in a showroom, you need a car base:

  • adFlag Car Base

Dumbbell bases

The dumbbell foot is also very suitable for placement in a lot of wind. Due to its weight, it remains firmly on the surface:

  • adFlag Dumbbell Base

Storage bags

Make sure your flags last longer by protecting them in a storage bag during transport and storage. We offer two different sizes:

  • adFlag transport bag (S/M)
  • adFlag transport bag (L/XL)


To attach our flags to the base, holder, pin or plug you need a rotator. This ensures that the flag can move. Our bases, holders, pins and plugs include the rotator, but we also offer it separately if this part is damaged:

  • adFlag Rotator